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Responsible business

We will always strive to do business in a way that respects people and the planet. 



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We rely on the environment and the hard work of thousands of people in our supply chain to deliver our products and services to our customers. We are committed to communicating our performance in a transparent way, setting standards to ensure our suppliers operate responsibly and with integrity and making sure that the people who work with us are always treated fairly and with respect. 

We consider governance as an essential part of the way we deliver our Responsible Sourcing Programme. Our governance structure applies to our overarching sustainable supply strategy and is ultimately accountable for its delivery, from the implementation of our animal welfare policies, through to palm oil and cotton. 


Understanding the importance policies play in creating clear minimum standards for our stakeholders is critical to levelling the standard across Whitbread. These policies hold our stakeholders accountable and allow us to continually improve our minimum standards and take our teams and suppliers on this journey with us.  

We have a code of conduct across all our stakeholders, anti-corruption and anti-bribery are non-negotiables, and are the foundations for acting responsibly. We also have a large amount of robust policies for our suppliers, our guests and our teams, covering areas such as responsible sourcing, animal welfare, health and safety and whistleblowing policies, which can be found here.


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Whitbread’s ESG Risk rating ranks us as Low Risk and places us in the top quartile of our Industry Group (Consumer Services) as assessed by Sustainalytics in June 2020.

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CDP is a widely recognised standard that focuses on collating information on our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.

We are absolutely delighted that we have scored an A- in the climate change category in 2020, highlighting us as a leader. Not only is our rating higher than the Europe regional average of a C grade, it is two grades higher than our sector average (Bars, hotels & restaurants).

Water Services Regulation Authority (OFWAT) Compliance

Whitbread Group PLC holds both a Supply Retail Licence and Sewerage Retail Licence limited to Self-Supply (Licence Numbers: 053/2017/WL & 052/2017/SL). Under these licences we only supply water and sewerage retail services to our own sites. Whitbread Group PLC operate Brewer’s Fayre, Table Table, Beefeater, Cookhouse & Pub, Bar & Block, Premier Inn and Whitbread Inns. These site locations can be found on our website.

Our list of supplied sites is kept updated at all times to ensure our compliance with our licence conditions. The regulator, Ofwat, reserves the right to carry out periodic checks on the validity of the information that is published on our website and to request information about the sites which are not published, at any point in time.

For any enquiries regarding sites that Whitbread Group PLC supply, please contact

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