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Community impact

When we open a new hotel or restaurant and join a community for the first time, we work to ensure we connect with local people and the area we are becoming a part of. We aim to recruit locally and commit time to community initiatives to ensure our impact goes beyond providing a great experience for our guests.

500 ,000


3 ,000



jobs (gross direct FTE) created across new build hotels in 20/21

New site volunteering

When we open a new hotel or restaurant, our team members are given three paid hours to volunteer on a community project that they feel will most impact the area they are joining. These hours can be spent doing anything from litter picks, to redecorating community centres, to working with food banks. This is a great way to become engaged in the local area and a fantastic way for our new teams to interact with one another.

Community value of our hotels and restaurants

We know we have a responsibility to bring with us a positive impact not just for those that will enjoy our products, but also for the local economies we operate in during and after construction. The 19 Premier Inn hotels in our UK pipeline for 2020/21 are estimated to bring in 1.3 million additional leisure and business visitors equating to a huge £44.3 million in visitor expenditure per year. During construction we can support the creation of jobs with approximately 540 gross direct FTE jobs across these hotels, both on and off site over an average of a two-year construction period. We are also committed to recruiting locally where possible for these roles.

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