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Corporate debt

Information to help you make informed decisions about our credit standing and products. 

We currently have in place the following committed revolving credit facilities, as of 29 January 2021. 

AmountDescriptionMaturity date 
£950m Revolving Credit Facility September 2023* 

*The facility size, which is currently £950m, will step down to £850m at 29 December 2021 and to £725m at 7 September 2022. 

Private placement Notes 

We completed the following financing transaction in the US private placement market on 26 January 2012. 

The current outstanding loan notes are a combination of sterling and USD at 10-year maturities with a fixed coupon payable semi-annually. The USD denominated loans are swapped to sterling and further details of the interest rates are set out in the financial statements. 

Further details of the loan notes are set out below. 

TitlePrincipal value MaturityCoupon
2011 Series C loan notes $93.5m26-Jan-224.86% 


On 28th May 2015 Whitbread Group Plc issued £450 million 3.375% guaranteed bonds due 16th October 2025. 

Green Bond 

On 10 February 2021, Whitbread Group plc issued £300m 2.375% guaranteed green bonds due May 2027 and £250m 3.000% guaranteed green bonds due May 2031. 

The relevant documents are available to view below: 

Documents incorporated by reference
Green documents

Credit rating

Ratings agency DateShort term Long term 
Fitch11 December 2020 F3BBB- (outlook stable) 

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