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Bee Community Day

At Whitbread, we’re committed to making a meaningful impact on our communities. That means supporting the local areas that we’re a part of – even at our Support Centre in Dunstable.

As part of both our commitment to local communities and reducing our impact on the environment, we have partnered with BeesMAX and have installed a beehive at our Head Office site after one of our innovative Operations team researched and suggested the idea.

By hosting a recycled hive at our head office, we recognised that this small installation was able to provide a space that our teams and local communities can learn from whilst also driving innovative solutions to environmental issues. The hive, home to over 200,000 bees, provides a safe space for the bees to take on their swarming processes as nature takes its course during the year.

By recognising the impact that the hive could have on our community, we invited a local school to come and learn about the Hive to support their learning around the environment and conservation.

We were delighted to welcome the Year 3 class of Tithe Farm Primary School to Whitbread in July. There was certainly a buzz about the place as 24 very excited seven and eight-year-olds brightened up our morning (and turned the volume up!). Our employees, our facilities teams and our local BeesMAX beekeeper were all able to get involved.

There was a hive of activity as the children donned their own beekeeper suits and learnt how to safely interact with the hive, getting up close and personal with our little population of bees. Topped off with bee-themed snacks and treats, it was a sweet afternoon.

To find out more about BeesMAX and how to get your own hive, click here: https://www.beesmax.org/

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