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Responsible business

Operating with integrity and transparency underpins the way we work, because we will always strive to do business in a way that respects people and the planet.

We rely on the environment and the hard work of thousands of people in our supply chain to deliver our products and services to our customers. We are committed to communicating our performance in a transparent way, setting standards to ensure our suppliers operate responsibly and with integrity and making sure that the people who work with us are always treated fairly and with respect.

We consider governance as an essential part of the way we deliver our Responsible Sourcing Programme. Our governance structure takes a holistic view of our overarching sustainable supply strategy and is ultimately accountable for its delivery, from the implementation of our animal welfare policies, through to palm oil and cotton.


Title Document
Responsible Sourcing Policy PDF
Animal Welfare Policy PDF
Beef Welfare Policy PDF
Pig Meat Welfare Policy PDF
Cocoa Policy PDF
Timber Policy PDF
Palm Oil Policy PDF
Fish Policy PDF
Sugar Policy PDF
Cotton Policy PDF
Soy Policy PDF
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