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Responsibility targets and results

Responsible sourcing

2020 Target (Reset in April 2015)

Whitbread’s critical product commodities will be 100% accredited against robust standards 

2018/19 Performance

Meat, Fish, Cotton, Coffee, Timber, Palm Oil:

We are delighted that we now have 100% wild-caught MSC fish as at year end, all Costa Coffee we provide is Rain Forest Alliance certified and we have enrolled 1,600 farmers in cotton growing regions of Pakistan via Cotton Connect. Through our work with PEFC, FSC, RSPO and our procurement teams, we are on track to achieve 100% accredited supply by 2020 of palm oil, timber and beef.

Animal Welfare Key Performance Indicators 2019


2025 Target  

We will reduce our carbon emissions intensity by 50% by 2025 and we're aiming to reach net-zero carbon emissions for scope 1 and 2 by 2050

(Measured against a 2016/17 baseline)*


2020 Target (Reset in April 2015)

Improve water efficiency, cubic meters per £million turnover, by 20% (against a new 2014/15 baseline) 

2018/19 Performance

Reduced water use by 1.32% relative to sales turnover.


2020 Target (Reset in April 2015)

Increase direct operations recycling rate to 80% across hotels and restaurants   ** Whitbread managed process waste, UCO, WEEE and Haz Waste  

2018/19 Performance

72.94% of waste from direct operations is recycled.

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