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Driving Down Carbon Emissions

Driving Down Carbon Emissions

As part of our everyday efficiency strategy, we are committed to energy efficiency. We continue to invest in energy efficient equipment, buildings and operations to ensure we minimize our consumption.

Science Based Carbon Target

After meeting our 2020 carbon targets three years early, Whitbread have now committed to an industry leading sustainability commitment to cut our carbon emissions intensity by 50% by 2025 and as much as 88% by 2050. Our Science Based Target (SBT) is in line with the COP 21 Paris Climate Accord. 

These targets have been carefully developed with the Carbon Trust, to ensure they provide a stretching and relevant goal to guide our business moving forward. We are the largest hotel company in the world to set an SBT.  

We have already started making progress on our target; from August 2017 all electricity supplied to our UK owned estate has been from 100% renewable sources.  

Achieving our carbon target will drive a number of other enhancements including:

  • Moving towards zero gas use in all new-build Premier Inn hotels.
  • Moving towards green gas across Premier Inn hotels.
  • A maintained commitment to renewable energy in the UK and in international operations where possible.
  • Investing in efficient appliances to reduce gas consumption.
  • Reducing emissions from company car fleets and distribution vehicles by moving to more electric, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Continued investment in solar panels to support the use of renewable energy across our estate.

Carbon reduction and Energy Efficiency

As well using 100% renewable energy for our hotels, we now have solar panel installations on over 120 of our sites. And we continue to invest heavily in the efficiency of our estate, with a focus on improving our control of what we use and when. We now have over 120 building management systems that actively monitor and control consumption on each site, allowing us to avoid wasted energy and quickly pick up any excessive energy use.


Our Carbon Target will also drive us to continue our work on reducing the carbon impact beyond our buildings and look at how we can improve our deliveries through the supply chain and to our sites. By working closely with our distributor, we achieved a 17% reduction in carbon emissions per tonne delivered to Whitbread sites through improved vehicle efficiency. [i] 

As well as a continuing drive for efficiency, we are working to develop an industry leading low carbon supply chain:

  • Demonstrating zero emission capable trucks and refrigeration in urban environments.
  • Testing fully electric, range extended electric and liquid nitrogen cooled refrigeration vehicles.
  • Fleet trialing of latest biomethane fuelled trucks.

These industry leading trials are designed to encourage wider uptake of low carbon solutions in the national food delivery network, with the project outcomes to be shared amongst the logistics community.

[i] Measured in 2017 against a 2012 baseline.