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Guest and customer wellbeing

Our Approach

We welcome millions of guests into our restaurants every year. As part of our Force for Good programme we passionately believe in serving delicious great quality, responsibly sourced, affordable food and drink and to enable our guests to make easier healthier and informed choices with honest, accessible and clear information.

As a leading member of the Out of Home industry alliance representing some of the largest food and drink brands in the UK, we have developed a Code of Practice that outlines our commitments to support Public Health England’s sugar reduction target of 20% by 2020, 2017 salt targets and to reformulate products to reduce , fat and calories where possible, provide healthier choices, offer healthier children’s menus, provide clear and easy to understand nutritional information to customers and to adopt responsible advertising practices. We reduce these nutrients wherever possible without compromising on product safety, quality and taste, while always ensuring that our dishes do not disappoint our guests on our positive nutrition journey.

We aim to positively respond to the changing needs and lifestyles of our guests ensuring are menus are inclusive for all. All our brands offer a choice of dishes including vegetarian and vegan options to satisfy the requirements of our guests who are vegetarian, vegan, or reducing their meat intake. We provide full allergen information for all our dishes and products on our menus, packaging, brand websites and on request in our restaurants. We provide lower calorie options throughout on menus and are always delighted to swap in healthier sides for guests looking for healthier option.

Low and no alcohol drink options are important for choice with our guests, we offer a range of these

By working closely with our suppliers, all our food and drink is sourced with integrity and our menus are free from hydrogenated vegetable oil (artificial transfats), monosodium glutamate), genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and ingredients, irradiated food and mechanically recovered meat. We do not use the Southampton 6 colours in any of our food and drink or any artificial colours in our children’s products.

We feel passionately about the health of our guests and have a strong health strategy in place. We recognise that we cannot deliver this strategy alone and that we need the support of industry experts and external stakeholders such as Public Health England, Action on Sugar, CASH and the Soil Association to ensure that any business decisions we take on the nutrition agenda are informed ones and reflect latest thinking.

What we have achieved

We have long adopted a holistic approach to reformulation by reducing sugar, salt, fat, saturated fat and calories and we have worked closely with our suppliers to redevelop recipes to lower the overall content of these nutrients in our dishes without compromise on taste and quality.

Since 2015, we have had healthier options on both our adults and children’s menus. In adult menus, we have been actively reducing sugar in all our desserts and added mini desserts in for our guests who wish to choose smaller portions.

We offer more vegetarian and vegan dishes across starters, mains and desserts than ever before ensuring choice whether you are vegetarian or vegan avoiding meat and dairy or simply enjoy incorporating more plant-based foods in your diet, we will continue to develop delicious options in this area.

We are committed to reducing sugar, salt, saturated fat and calories wherever possible across our children’s menus and with the emphasis on sugar reduction, we have reduced the average sugar content per portion in our Beefeater children’s desserts by 31% (baseline 2015). We continue to support the 5 a day message by offering fruit and vegetable-based options in each of our starter, main and dessert courses as well as having ‘hidden’ veg in popular dishes such as pasta sauces. We offer a range of no-added sugar drinks, have replaced higher fat and sugar milkshake drinks with healthier alternatives and free tap water is available at any time.

We are pleased that our work on children’s menus was recognised by the Soil Association in their Out to Lunch survey 2019 where Brewers’ Fayre came in the top 10 of restaurant companies surveyed, moving up a position from the last survey. We are committed to building on this achievement through future engagement with the Soil Association. We are signatories of the Food Foundation Peas Please Pledge, where we are committed to provide 2 portions of vegetables with every child’s meal.

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