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14 Feb 2023 Brand

People Walking To St. Michael's Mount Island In Cornwall, England, During Low Tide In Summer

With the rising popularity of staycations in recent years well documented, Premier Inn is releasing a list of ‘destination doubles’ to help holidaying Brits enjoy sights that are strikingly similar to counterparts abroad – at a fraction of the cost.

The ‘destination doubles’ list aims to inspire people to visit places in the UK which have ‘twins’ abroad – so dubbed as they share uncanny similarities.

To compile the list, Premier Inn has combined its extensive knowledge of Britain’s best tourist spots, with some of its top hotel locations.

Examples include St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, which is very similar to Mont St Michel in France.

Of course, the list is intended as a bit of inspirational fun and a starting point for exploring places with their own unique rich cultural heritage.

It is hoped the list will be welcomed particularly by those who love seeing all our nation’s shores have to offer – as well as those looking to save money this summer by holidaying affordably in the UK.

With careful planning and a bit of flexibility – savings of hundreds or even thousands of pounds is possible by choosing a UK destination double.

For example, when factoring in travel costs, visiting St Michael’s Mount could save around £1,000 versus visiting its French counterpart on the same dates*.

Meanwhile, gazing at the lavender fields in Surrey over the violet fields in Provence could save a whopping £1,500.

Other examples include the huge steel arches of Sydney Harbour, which hold a striking resemblance to the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle, as both were designed by the same architects whilst Blackpool Tower and the Eiffel Tower can also have people doing a double take.  Plus, those thinking of basking in the history of the Great Pyramids of Giza might also be equally impressed with a hidden gem in the UK like the Prince Albert Cairn at Balmoral, that will definitely capture the imagination– and whilst it may not have the heat and dust of the Egyptian desert it will definitely not leave visitors disappointed.

Premier Inn’s Managing Director Simon Ewins said: “You really don’t need to leave the UK to see some of the best views in the world, and with our list of destinations doubles, visitors can enjoy popular UK landmarks that share an amazing likeness to famous places overseas.

Our list aims to inspire people to try something or somewhere different and with Premier Inn hotels close to all of these amazing spots, travellers can rest easy and enjoy a well-earned break whilst taking in some amazing sights -that will have you thinking you’re seeing double!’

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