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About us

Introducing Whitbread

Whitbread Plc is the UK’s largest operator of hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, with some of the UK’s most successful hospitality brands.

Our brand strength and sharp focus on markets where there is great opportunity for structural growth provide sustainable development potential for our business.

How our business operates

Our business operates in two divisions:

Premier Inn and restaurants

Premier Inn is the UK’s leading hotel business, with over 785 hotels and more than 72,000 rooms across the UK. Our unique joint site model means that more than half of our hotels are located alongside our own restaurant brands.

We also have hotels in the Middle East, and Germany, with more hotels in the pipeline.


Costa is the UK’s favourite coffee shop, with over 2,400 coffee shops in the UK, over 1,400 stores in 31 international markets and over 8,000 Costa Express self-serve units.

We have a multichannel strategy, with equity stores, franchise stores and stores operated by joint ventures, as well as a wholesale operation.

How we create value

We create value for all our stakeholders through our Customer Heartbeat model. The model’s foundation is the Customer Heartbeat schematic — Winning Teams, Customer Heartbeat, Profitable Growth, Force for Good and Everyday Efficiency.

Winning Teams, Customer Heartbeat, Profitable Growth, Force for Good and Everyday Efficiency

Code of conduct

Foreword from Alison Brittain

Our reputation is fundamental to our long term success. It gives our customers, our people, our partners and suppliers, our investors, and the communities that we serve, the trust to do business with us. Trust is hard to win, but easy to lose.

Our Code of Conduct gives us a clear framework to help us make the right decisions. It spells out the standards we set for ourselves and explains how we can achieve them.

Whitbread Plc is one of the UK’s oldest and most successful businesses, with a reputation for being a great place to work and a force for good in the communities where we operate. Everyone that works here has a part to play in upholding and protecting this reputation.

Alison Brittain
Chief Executive

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