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Perfect tips to ensure your spring clean gives you a great night’s sleep

17 Mar 2017 Brand

Almost two thirds of Brits will spend up to six hours or more spring cleaning this month but will spend the least time cleaning the bedroom.

Premier Inn, Britain’s best-loved hotel chain, has unveiled the perfect pillow plumping formula as part of a campaign to reveal the UK’s house-cleaning habits. Spring cleaning is such an important time of year that eight out of ten people (81%) engage in it annually. The hotel chain found that, despite the British population becoming increasingly time-poor, people are still spending plenty of time on their spring clean.

New research has found that almost two-thirds of Brits (63%) will spend up to six hours making sure their house is clean and tidy this March. However, the research also shows that pillows are given the least love during a spring clean with only 12% of Brits admitting they feel it is one of the most important things to clean.

To ensure you get the good night’s sleep you need and deserve, Premier Inn’s Spring Cleaning Expert, Liz, has given her best tips and tricks to get the perfect pillow plump.

“Pillows are one of the most important factors in getting a great night’s sleep. Everyone likes to doze off in different ways so it’s important to get the pillows right. Pillow plumping is extremely simple and can be hugely beneficial in ensuring you get a good night’s sleep. To get the best night’s sleep, pillows should always be exactly how you’d like them to be. They should be plumped daily to reinvigorate the fibres making the pillows plump and springy.”

The four S’s to pillow plumping

Step 1: Squeeze your pillow 3x lengthways

Step 2: Squeeze your pillow 3x widthways

Step 3: Shake your pillow

Step 4: Smooth your pillow and place it on your bed – plump and ready to be snuggled into!

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Notes To Editors

Please find some further statistics below along with some extra spring cleaning tips from Liz.

  • Northern Ireland is the spring cleaning region in the UK, with just under half of respondents (43%) saying they will spring clean this year. Of those that say they will, 40% said they’d spend 5-6 hours cleaning!
  • Belfast is the spring cleaning capital of the UK, with 46% confirming they’ll get the mop out this spring.
  • However, Wales is the cleanest area in the UK, with almost ¾ of respondents saying they don’t need to Spring clean, because they clean too regularly to need to.
  • Leeds is the kitchen spring cleaning capital of the UK, with almost half (46%) deciding that the kitchen is the most important place to spend your time cleaning.
  • When explaining the reasons for not spring cleaning, almost half (49%) cited time issues as the reason they will not be able to spring clean this year. More specifically, it seems wanting to spend time doing other activities rather than cleaning is the main issue, with over a quarter of Brits (27%) citing this reason and one in five (22%) stating they simply do not have the time.
  • The most frequent spring cleaners are 25-34 year olds, with over two fifths (43%) of Brits in that age bracket admitting to always carrying out a spring clean.

Top tips

Start with the bedroom

According to Premier Inn research, people spend the least amount of time cleaning their bedroom. Be sure to take the time to get your bedroom looking and feeling beautifully clean, you do spend two thirds of your life in it!

Be Prepared

If it has been a while since you had a big clean Liz says it is best that you “make sure you are fully stocked up on the essentials such as dusters, a vacuum cleaner, bleach and latex gloves”. You wouldn’t want to get to that one corner with a spider-web and not have a feather duster to hand.

Don’t miss a spot

Spring cleaning is for getting into all the nooks and crannies around the house so get to all those hard to reach places like the top of the cupboards, skirting boards, doors, and behind the fridge and toilets. These are all places you might usually miss in a normal cleaning routine so will have a lot of dust and grime built up that needs cleaning.

Take a moment for reflection

Another of Liz’s top tips is to use a microfiber cloth for mirrors and windows. The unique fibres in the cloth leave the reflective surfaces streak free and dust free, making them shine. While cleaning we often forget to wash the inside of windows and mirrors, especially the surrounding areas where dust and grime can easily build up. By using a microfiber cloth will ensure you get every last bit of dirt, making those surfaces sparkle.

Enjoy it

Half of the nation will be spending up to six hours on spring cleaning this year so make it less of a chore by putting some music on in the background and have a fun time getting stuck in!

About Premier Inn

Premier Inn was named the UK’s top-rated travel brand 2016 and the top-rated hotel chain for 2016 according to Which? With over 750 budget hotels and more than 60,000 rooms across the UK and Ireland, Premier Inn guests are never far from a great night’s sleep at fantastic value rates. Premier Inn hotels are in more locations than any other UK hotel brand for the ease and convenience of leisure and business travellers alike.

All Premier Inn bedrooms feature en-suite bathrooms, a luxurious Hypnos® bed, a choice of pillows, TV with Freeview and free Wi-Fi. A bar and restaurant is situated either on-site or next door to each hotel, offering a wide range of food and drink including a delicious all-you-can-eat breakfast.

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In the past year, almost 90% of Premier Inn hotels achieved a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.  Premier Inn has also been awarded the Best UK Family Hotel in the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards, Best UK Hotel Group in the Silver Travel Awards and the Business In The Community Environmental Leadership Award. 2016 has also seen Premier Inn voted Best UK Economy Hotel at the British Travel Awards and Best UK Hotel Group in the National Geographic Traveller UK Reader Awards.

Premier Inn employs over 19,000 team members and is a Whitbread PLC brand. Whitbread PLC achieved 8th place in The Sunday Times Best Big Companies To Work For in 2017, an accolade awarded as the result of direct team member feedback.

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity is the National Charity partner of Premier Inn and to date team members, guests and suppliers have raised over £7million, which is going towards the opening of the Premier Inn Clinical Building, due to be completed in Autumn 2017.

Outside of the UK, Premier Inn’s expansion plans are focused on two key markets, Germany and the Middle East.   Premier Inn opened its first hotel in Frankfurt earlier this year and also operates hotels across the United Arab Emirates.

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