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Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing

We source our products with integrity, ensuring the people who grow, manufacture, service and provide them are treated fairly and the environment is treated with respect. It’s not just the right thing to do – our customers expect this from us and it makes good business sense.

Customers know they can rely on us to deliver quality and value. But they also trust us to make sure the products they enjoy are sourced sustainably and ethically. Our customers really trust us. So that’s why we take our responsibility seriously for every step of the sourcing process and we make sure that we meet the most rigorous and robust sourcing standards available. By upholding these high standards, we can respect the right of the people in our supply chain and the products they make.

We want to work with suppliers who share our values and source their products responsibly according to the standards we set, which include upholding human rights, food safety, ethical sourcing and animal welfare legislation, supply chain security to minimise food fraud, and not polluting the environment.

To install these practices throughout all stages of our supply chain, we have worked closely with our suppliers to establish a Sourcing with Integrity strategy. As part of this, we also worked with sustainable practice experts, appropriate NGOs and relevant legislation to indentify and develop and implement policies for human rights in the supply chain and sustainable production for our critical commodities, and our overarching Responsible Sourcing Policy, which every supplier working with Whitbread is required to commit to.

To measure, verify and monitor our suppliers’ performance to these standards, we have our own due diligence system and third party audit programme which is managed centrally by our Force for Good team, overseen by the Sustainability Steering Committee and supported closely by all our buyers.

Our Sourcing with Integrity programme focuses on two key commitments:

People – We will ensure that the human rights of the people involved in supplying our products and services are respected and upheld.

Product – We will ensure that all commodities and products are sourced sustainably and without negatively impacting the environment. Where this involves animal products, we work hard with our suppliers to also assure good welfare standards.

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