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Whitbread Investing in Skills and Employment

Our 2020 targets

  • 7,500

    Work Experience Placements, helping pupils and students (aged 14-18 years old) get to know more about work

  • 6,500

    structured Work Placements, supporting people not in education, employment or training to get into work

  • 5,000


Since launching its WISE (Whitbread Investing in Skills and Employment) programme in 2012, Whitbread has remained publicly committed to investing in quality Apprenticeships. WISE addresses the challenges of attracting, retaining and progressing our employees through more structured 1 or 2 week work experience for students, structured 2 or 4 week work placements for those looking for work and to create a ladder of Apprenticeships from Intermediate to Higher levels to enable career progression.

 Whitbread has given 2,530 Apprentices industry qualifications with 750 Apprentices in learning today - the target of 1,500 within two years.  

The training and development offered with an Apprenticeship has led many apprentices to stay within Whitbread and progress up the career ladder. One in four Hotel Managers either are or have been an Apprentice. Whitbread calculated that across its wider workforce Apprentices are 5.7 times more likely to progress to a higher role than non-Apprentices, proving the value of Apprenticeships in up-skilling its workforce and building management teams with talented internal employees who love working in Hospitality.

"Each Apprenticeship has taught me different skills and leadership helping me progress as well as becoming the first person to complete all levels and winning the Samuel Whitbread Apprentice Award" Charlotte Maloney.   

To find out more about Charlotte's journey with WISE please click here

What's it like on our industry-leading Apprenticeship Programme?