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We will be the most inclusive business in hospitality

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Whether you're working with us or enjoying our hospitality, our hotels and restaurants will be the most welcoming, inclusive places to be. We pride ourselves on making sure that every single person we work with, or serve, feels welcome. We are always looking for new opportunities to make our hotels and restaurants the most accessible, supportive and inclusive places to work or enjoy.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion is vital to business success; understanding and connecting to our customers will only truly happen if we have enough diversity in all levels of our teams to represent our customer base.

Building a strong women’s network is one of the ways that will help achieve our objectives to be a diverse and inclusive employer, supporting one of our key ‘Force for Good’ commitments.

WOW stands for ‘Women of Whitbread’ and is a women’s network within Whitbread with around 100 members and growing.

GLOW (GLBT out at Whitbread) is our first employee resource network that represents and supports the LGBT community at Whitbread.

We passionately believe that creating a diverse and inclusive culture and place of work will ultimately lead to better business performance and be a source of competitive advantage for Whitbread.

WOW – ‘Women of Whitbread’ network

WOW’s ambition is to build a nationwide network that will provide networking and peer support for female professionals across Whitbread; provide learning and development opportunities to encourage and inspire female leaders; and provide a feedback forum to give a voice back to the company on pertinent topics such as flexible working.

Anyone is welcome to join WOW and to take part in a number of annual events that are organised including chapter group meetings, panel discussions and debates with invited guest speakers and workshops.

GLOW - ‘Gay and Lesbian Out at Whitbread’ network

GLOW is Whitbread’s LGBT network and stands for Gay and Lesbian Out at Whitbread. It started in 2016 and has over 1000 members across Whitbread’s brands and functions.

GLOW’s ambition is to create a strong Whitbread network where LGBT team members and supporters can connect to exchange views and help create a culture of diversity & inclusion where team members are encouraged and supported to ‘bring their selves to work’. We are doing this through a focussed calendar of events nationwide including taking part in PRIDE events across the UK, as well as identifying policy or other internal changes that will help shape the company’s culture and ways of working.

GLOW loves taking part in PRIDE and every year team members from across Whitbread bring their creativity, fun and passion to make Whitbread and its brands’ presence highly visible at these events.

The GLOW Manifesto

GLOW is an employee resource network that represents and supports the LGBT community at Whitbread.

Our membership is inclusive, just like our intentions.

From team members to board members; LGBT and straight allies, across brands and group, we work together to

support our people
make connections
showcase our business
influence decisions
have fun
break boundaries
learn and grow.

We welcome feedback, suggestions, ideas, and new members who are passionate about making Whitbread a great place to work; for everyone

Whitbread’s Gender Pay Gap Report 2018