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Community Support

At Costa, we believe our stores have an important role to play in local communities and we have a number of initiatives across the UK and overseas to help our teams do just that.

In the UK, we actively encourage and enable our store teams to support local community projects and get involved in local causes that are important to their customers. This primarily focuses on volunteered time, with funds and in-store space available to support our teams in making a significant contribution to their local community. For example, stores may choose to grant access to the store space out of hours for local community groups, or volunteer their time within working hours to support local projects.

In 2016/17:

  • Over 500 store teams took part in Costa Reading Week, and donated a total of 30,000 books to support children in their local area with the development of their literacy skills
  • More than 12,000 hours were volunteered
  • The Costa Community Programme received Gold in the Corporate Engagement Awards
  • 600 stores took part in Keep Britain Tidy's ‘Great British Spring Clean’ anti-litter campaign

Every store has its own Community Noticeboard where customers and members of the general public can put up news and information about activities that are happening in their local area.

It’s not just in the UK where our teams are making a difference; with Costa Coffee outlets in over 30 countries around the world, we are keen to help and support our communities on a global scale and are actively encouraging our international stores to get involved with their local communities.

In the UAE, where we have over 100 stores, our teams work hard to support the local community during Ramadan. The team in Dubai work to prepare and deliver thousands of fruit pots to those working outside in the heat; these are then consumed during iftar, the meal eaten when the Ramadan fast ends each evening. In Kuwait, our teams work alongside learning provider ‘Imaginit’ in order to support education in their local area. They volunteer space in store every month for interactive reading sessions, and therefore provide a reading ‘hub’ for their community.

Our teams and customers across the world are also continuing to protect their local environment, through Costa’s ‘Grounds for Grounds’ initiative. Our customers can request our used coffee grounds for free, to use in their gardens as a natural plant fertiliser.

Used coffee grounds contain many essential trace elements, which make up a highly successful and natural fertiliser. The grounds can also be used to natural balance compost piles and is available in old coffee bean bags, deriving from both the Costa Mocha Italia and Old Paradise Street blends.

A recent tree-planting initiative in Kuwait has drawn attention to ‘Grounds for Grounds’ internationally; the team planted seedlings in a local park to raise awareness of the benefits of recycling and the importance of taking care of the environment.

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