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Annual General Meeting 2021

The AGM will be held at 2:00pm on 17 June 2021 at Whitbread Court, Houghton Hall Business Park, Porz Avenue, Dunstable, LU5 5XE.

The Company’s AGM will no longer be held on a closed basis. Since the publication of the Notice, and from the 17th May, the UK Government has permitted gatherings organised on businesses premises, subject to complying with on-going COVID-secure requirements, including social distancing. As a consequence, it is legally permissible for shareholders to attend the AGM in person.

The safety and security of our shareholders, directors, colleagues and guests is of paramount importance. COVID-19 restrictions remain in place and the Government has urged people to maintain social distancing and reduce time spent in crowded areas. The Company believes a cautious approach to situations, particularly indoor events, that appear to carry a higher COVID-19 transmission risk is deemed appropriate.

Therefore,  shareholders and corporate representatives are strongly encouraged not to attend the AGM in person, and to continue to vote by proxy or to participate in the business of the AGM electronically through the online meeting platform.

Shareholders or their duly authorised representatives intending to attend the AGM in person should register their attendance by telephoning Link on +44 (0)344 855 2327. For COVID-safety reasons, guests will not be allowed to attend this year.

Any shareholders or their duly authorised representatives attending the AGM in person must abide by strict COVID-secure measures, which will include social distancing at all times and following the safety guidelines when on the premises. Attendees must wear a facemask when moving around the building unless they are exempt or have a reasonable excuse. If you have tested positive, have COVID-19 symptoms, or have been asked to self-isolate, you should not attend the meeting.

For COVID-safety reasons, no refreshments or food will be available and there will not be the opportunity to interact with directors before or after the meeting. 

As shareholders will not currently be permitted to attend the AGM in person, we strongly encourage shareholders to engage with the business of the AGM through the online meeting platform. This platform allows shareholders to participate in the meeting as if they were attending in person and shareholders can exercise their votes and raise questions live during the meeting.

In order to participate in the AGM online using your smartphone, tablet or computer, you will need to join the meeting electronically:

1. Access the meeting website:

2. On accessing the meeting website, you will be asked to enter the Meeting ID: 117-017-044. You will then be prompted to enter your unique 11-digit Investor Code (IVC) including any leading zeros, and ‘PIN’. Your PIN is the last 4 digits of your IVC.

Access to the meeting will be available from 1.00pm on Thursday 17th June 2020.

Your vote is important to us and you are encouraged to vote either in advance of the AGM or on the day.

If you will not be participating in the meeting electronically or otherwise wish to vote in advance, you may appoint a proxy by post, online or through CREST. Shareholders will not currently be permitted to attend the AGM in person. Accordingly, those submitting a proxy are strongly encouraged to appoint the Chairman of the meeting rather than a named person as their proxy. This will ensure that your vote will be counted.

Further, you can vote via the online Lumi platform which will be hosting the AGM, this will allow for live voting on all resolutions. Once the Chairman has formally opened the meeting, the voting procedure will be explained. Once voting has opened, the polling icon will appear on the navigation bar. From here, the resolutions and voting choices will be displayed.

The voting functionality will not be enabled until the Chairman of the meeting declares the poll open.

If you would like to ask the directors a question about the business of the meeting in advance, please send it to by 2.00pm on Tuesday 15 June 2021.

You will also have the opportunity to submit or ask questions in real time. As we are holding the AGM via the online meeting platform, questions can be submitted either online through the Lumi platform using the messaging function provided or alternatively via the telephone line which is linked to the meeting, this will be available once you have accessed the meeting through the meeting platform.

If you wish to attend the electronic meeting, you will need to contact your nominee as soon as possible. Your nominee will need to present a corporate letter of representation to Link Group, our registrar, as soon as possible and at least 72 hours (excluding nonbusiness days) before the meeting, in order that they can obtain for you your unique IVC and PIN to enable you to attend the electronic meeting.

If you have appointed a proxy other than the Chair of the meeting, to enable them to attend and vote at the virtual meeting on your behalf, you will need to submit your proxy appointment in the usual way before contacting Link Group on +44 (0) 371 277 1020* in order to obtain an IVC and PIN for your proxy. We suggest that you do this as soon as possible and at least 48 hours (excluding non-business days) before the meeting.

*Lines are open from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Monday to Friday, calls are charged at the standard geographic rate and will vary by provider. Calls outside the UK will be charged at the applicable international rate.

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