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Our year at a glance….

Whitbread is the owner of Premier Inn, the UK’s biggest hotel brand, with over 83,500 rooms in over 840 hotels and a growing presence in Germany with 9,000 rooms in 51 hotels, offering quality accommodation at affordable prices in great locations. 

People are at the heart of our business. We employ over 40,000 team members in over 1,600 Premier Inn hotels and restaurants across the UK and Germany and serve over five million customers every month.

Our Performance


£ 2625 m

2021/22 £1,703m

Adjusted profit /
(loss) before tax

£ 413 m

2021/22 £(16)m

Statutory profit
before tax

£ 375 m

2021/22 £58m

Adjusted operating
cash flow

£ 719 m

2021/22 £404m

Total cash
capex UK

£ 447 m

2021/22 £171m

Total cash
capex Germany

£ 99 m

2021/22 £90m

Lease adjusted
net debt

2 .7x

2021/22 4.4x

Net cash

£ 171 m

2021/22 £141m

Adjusted basic earnings /
(loss) per share

162 .9p

2021/22 (2.5) p

Statutory basic
earnings per share

138 .4p

2021/22 21.1p

per share

74 .2p

2021/22 34.7p


£ 149 m

2021/22 £70m

Chair and Chief Executive’s Review 

Dominic paul
Dominic Paul, Chief Executive

“Whitbread has had an outstanding year. Whilst the recovery in market demand, in conjunction with a structural decline in the independent hotel sector has provided a helpful backdrop, it is the combination of our own initiatives and our clearly differentiated business model that has delivered such an impressive operational and financial performance.

Chairman’s Statement Chief Executive's Statement

ESG report

With over 40,000 team members, people are at the heart of our business and together we are a Force for Good. 

Read our ESG report

Our highlights

Rosana Elias
Rosana Elias, Head of Sustainability

“There are many things to be proud of as we look back over the last 12 months. We have made strong progress against our stretching carbon targets, set new targets on water, and the groundwork for our biodiversity strategy and had some great external recognition for our work on diversity and inclusion

Key stories

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