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Our Stories

From Student to Teacher

We are over the moon to share with you that for the first time one of our students has now become a teacher at the Costa Foundation high school he attended.

This is his story, in his own words.

“My name is Ayana Ware, 25, born 13 km away from Dimtu. My father is a coffee farmer who has 23 children (13 sons and 10 daughters) from 2 wives. Having 23 children and earning less income is not an easy task for them to deal with. They face so many difficulties to provide our basic needs. I am the 10th one of the 23 children i.e.my elders are not educated because there were and are still so many things waiting for my parents to be covered than education.

 I never thought to learn high school before Dimtu high school was built. Unfortunately, there was no high school near Dimtu. This means that all I had been doing and my hard work to complete 2nd cycle school education was meaningless. I came all the way for nothing and I was so devastated and disappointed. If Dimtu high school hadn’t been built, my chance would have been blocked and I would remain home unchanged as a traditional farmer.

My impressions of the school were: The facility of the school with qualified teachers, better learning environment and well installed library helped me to attend school, study, work hard and score good result to join Bule Hora preparatory school, and then Hawassa University. Frankly speaking, the establishment of Dimtu high school is an eye opening and serves as a bridge to achieve my ambition.

 In year 2016, I’ve graduated with BA Degree from Hawasa University after studying Civic Education for 3 years. Being a Teacher in my high school makes me feel great and special. I have no word to express when I started teaching Civics for grade 9 and 10.  I felt so happy and that feeling is still with me.

 Thanks to the Costa Foundation, I’ve started thinking about helping others, I want to help others. I will do whatever I can to do the right thing for people. I’m actively involved in offering free service for the community in the area of gender, health and environment issues. In doing so I learnt that one of the major bottlenecks is lack of education. That’s why I decided to study Civic Education with a great ambition.

 I am happy that Costa Foundation supports coffee growing rural communities across the world to change their lives through education. I’m really thankful for all who play a great role in changing our lives. Please keep it up to reach the un-reached. The more you help to educate people the less poor they will be. Thank you very much.”