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Property & Suppliers

Property & Suppliers


We’re the UK’s leading hospitality group and one of the country’s oldest and most respected companies... and we’re getting bigger every day. We’re listed on the FTSE-100 and we employ around 50,000 team members across the UK, serving over 27 million customers every month. We’re always looking for new opportunities, especially in the UK.

If you have a suitable freehold or leasehold location for one of our hotels, pub restaurants or coffee shops, we’d love to hear from you.


Our extremely diverse supply chain produces all the goods and services we need to take care of our customers in our hotels, restaurants and coffee shops. We value our suppliers and the key role they play in giving our customers what they want. That’s why we want to build long-term relationships with strategic partners, and have clear and fair terms and conditions that we stick to.

We want all our relationships to be based on the core principles of sustainability, open and honest communication and fair dealing.