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We have delivered 3470 Work Experience Placements.

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Costa in our Communities

At Costa, we believe our stores have an important role to play in local communities and we have a number of initiatives across the UK and overseas to help our teams do just that.

In the UK, we actively encourage our store teams to support local community projects and get involved in local causes that are important to their customers. This support can come in the form of giving funds, space and time. For example, stores will grant access to the store space out of hours for local community groups; store teams can volunteer their time within working hours to support local projects and can raise funds to go towards local charities and groups.

In 2015/16:


Our teams supported 2,200 activities up and down the country


More than 10,000 hours were volunteered


300 stores donated space


550 stores took part in Keep Britain Tidy's Big Tidy Up


850 stores donated time

Every store now has its own Community Noticeboard where customers and members of the general public can put up news and information about activities that are happening in their local area.

It’s not just in the UK where our teams are making a difference, with Costa Coffee outlets in over 30 countries around the world, we are keen to help and support our communities on a global scale and are actively encouraging our international stores to get involved with their local communities.

In Poland, where we have around 100 stores, the Polish team worked with a local charitable foundation to support hospitalised children and the work of 'Dr Clown'. By selling traditional gingerbread Christmas decorations for the charity.  The Costa team helped 'Dr Clown' visit sick children and bring “laughter therapy” to assist in their recovery.  Whilst In India, we run an employment programme to actively hire team members with disabilities, such as visual or hearing impairment. Currently, 15% of the team there have a disability and the business aims to increase this to 20% in the near future.

Through Costa’s new ‘Ground for Grounds’ initiative, customers can now request used coffee grounds from their local Costa store to use in their gardens as a natural plant fertiliser.

Used coffee grounds contain many essential trace elements, which make up a highly successful and natural fertiliser. The grounds can also be used to natural balance compost piles and will be available in old coffee bean bags, deriving from both the Costa Mocha Italia and Old Paradise Street blends.

Other unused grounds will continue to be collected by waste specialist Biogen, converting the grounds to bio-gas, used to power some of Costa’s eco-friendly dual fuel vehicles.