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Whitbread's Sustainability Report 2016/17


We've committed to raising £15 million for 100 Costa Foundation School projects

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How we manage Good Together within Whitbread

Responsibility for driving the Good Together strategy forward and delivering against our targets is part of the remit of the PLC Board and Executive Management teams.

Whitbread Board

The PLC Board has responsibility for setting the overall framework, strategy and programme of activity for Good Together and delegates specific activities to the two Executive Management teams (Costa and Whitbread Hotels & Restaurants). By embedding corporate responsibility into the businesses in this way we are able to integrate the Good Together principles and targets into our strategic business plans. Good Together is tabled as an agenda item at the Whitbread PLC Board every six months.

Executive Management teams

The Group Executive Committee has overall oversight of the programme, and has the responsibility of proposing the strategy to the Board.  The Executive Management teams in each part of the business are responsible for delivering the Good Together strategy and programme of activities in their part of the business.  Each Executive team meets monthly when Good Together is regularly discussed.  Within each business (WHR and Costa) there is a team of experts in the fields of environment, charities, supply chain, nutrition, education and training.  Each team delivers its own programme of activity, which is closely aligned to the overarching Good Together pillars of Teams & Communities, Customer Wellbeing, Energy & Environment. 

Executive Steering Group

There is an Executive Steering Group, chaired by Whitbread’s General Counsel, which meets monthly. The role of this Group is to propose the strategy for Good Together to the Board, to monitor performance against targets, and to ensure we have the right input and information to help shape the programme’s direction and policies and to share best practice across the business. The Good Together Executive Steering Group comprises

·         Chris Vaughan, General Counsel, Whitbread PLC

·         Anna Glover, Director of Communications, Whitbread PLC

·         Simon Ewins, Chief Operating Officer, Premier Inn

·         James Pitcher, Director of CSR, Whitbread Hotels & Restaurants

Good Together Communications Forum

The Good Together Communications Forum is made up of CSR and Communications colleagues from across Whitbread and meets every quarter to share activity updates, best practice and key information and insights.

Measuring progress

At Whitbread we operate a balanced scorecard, which we call the WINcard

The WINcard reflects our Customer Heartbeat model (shown) of Winning Teams, Customer Heartbeat, Profitable Growth and Good Together. Behind each of these headings are clear and measurable targets. A range of factors are taken into consideration when setting targets but, in most cases, the following principles are applied: A green score is achieved where the performance is better than both the prior year and target. An amber score is for performance which is better than the prior year, but below target. A red score is for a result below the previous year.  The WINcard is used throughout the Company and every hotel, restaurant and coffee shop has its own individual WINcard along with all support centres, each business and the Group as a whole. 

There is a Good Together measure on the WINcard.  In 2015/16 the Hotels & Restaurants WINcard measure was a carbon reduction target and overall they achieved a  4.7% reduction in like for like carbon consumption versus a target of 3.0%.  In Costa the measure was for the number of stores participating in volunteering or fundraising in their local communities.  In 2015/16 80.2% of Costa stores participated in volunteering or fundraising activity, which is in excess of the 60.0% target.