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Costa has become an SRA Two-Star Sustainability Champion.

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Monitoring and Measuring

We believe that accurate monitoring and measuring is vital. We’ve found it very helpful to give our teams real time insight into their actual energy usage. This is why, right across our business, each site receives its own energy management report so they can better monitor, measure and control the energy they use.

Within Whitbread Hotels and Restaurants, we monitor actual energy use of sites over a 24-hour period. We also carry out short term seasonal summer and winter monitoring to confirm that the environmental comfort conditions inside guest rooms and other public areas are acceptable.

We use the Building Users Survey (BUS) and Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) in selected hotels to find out what our guests and visitors think of our new build hotels and restaurants, and share the findings with team members so that we can act quickly to address issues, which improve the guest experience and optimise the buildings energy performance.

In our Costa stores, we use AMR meters to have clear visibility of what energy we are using, to allow us to identify potential areas of waste as well as ensuring accurate billing. We have fitted individual circuit sub metering to a cross-section of our stores, which allows us to see how much power each piece of equipment affects energy usage throughout the day.

We use a series of KPIs across all of our stakeholders (employees, customers, investors and Good Together) to measure how well we are performing against set targets. This is known as the ‘WINcard’ (Whitbread In Numbers). Our managers are incentivised against their WINcard measure and bonused accordingly. 


A green WINcard is achieved when the sites energy performance is better than both target and previous year. 


An amber score is for performance which is better than the prior year, but below target.


A red score is for a result when the site used more energy than the previous year.

In our Whitbread Hotels and Restaurants, we measure against electricity consumption and the target is to reduce our energy use by 1% against the previous year, which could save over 3 million kWh in electricity and tonnes of carbon.

In Costa, the measure is to send 0% waste to landfill by 2017 across our UK equity estate. Our Roastery & Costa Express head office at Loudwater have already achieved this target and our UK equity stores are well on their way.  This has resulted in 12,700 tonnes of waste being diverted from landfill this year.