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Whitbread's Sustainability Report 2016/17

Energy and Environment

Whitbread is a company that is growing... fast.  We have set ambitious growth milestones to increase the number of Premier Inn UK rooms to around 85,000 and to double the size of Costa with global system sales of £2.5bn by 2020.   Our challenge is to ensure that, as we grow, we manage our carbon footprint, minimising our energy usage, water consumption and production of waste.  

We aim to be a leader in developing sustainable business practices within our sector and are especially proud to be the first hospitality company in the UK to receive the prestigious Carbon Trust Triple Award for achievements in carbon, water & waste reduction across all hotels and restaurants.   

We’re investing millions of pounds in innovative technologies and new ways of working to reduce energy signature and environmental footprint.  

In November 2015, we scored 98 out of 100 points on the CDP's climate change reporting programme. More information on Whitbread's report can be found here.

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