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We've committed to reducing water by 20% (against a new 2014 base line)

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Menu Development and Nutrition

As a responsible company, we aim to serve safe, good quality food and drink. We want to make it easy for our customers to choose healthier eating options, as well as indulging in the occasional treat.

All of our brands are working to improve the nutritional profile of the food and drink they serve. This includes reducing salt, total and saturated fat, sugar and added sugar, gluten and allergen content where they can, without impacting on product safety and quality, and balancing this with customers’ desire for an indulgent treat.

All menus are free from artificial transfats, MSG, GM products and ingredients, irradiated ingredients and mechanically-recovered meat. As a signatory to the Government’s Responsibility Deal on Public Health, we continue to work towards meeting targets for salt and saturated fat reduction, calorie reduction, removal of transfats and alcohol awareness.

All of our brands now offer vegetarian options and we take all reasonable steps to maintain the vegetarian status of our dishes during preparation and cooking. 



Set relevant salt and sugar reduction targets 

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