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Whitbread's Sustainability Report 2016/17


We've committed to creating 5000 apprenticeships by 2020.

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Customer Wellbeing

With 27 million customers welcomed every month into our hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, it is vital that we not only offer them an excellent experience, but that we also ensure they are buying goods and services they can trust, as well as offering them a great choice of food and drink, which includes healthier eating options.

Our customers can be confident in knowing that we continue to work towards meeting targets for salt and saturated fat reduction, removal of transfats, calorie reduction and alcohol awareness. All of our menus are free from artificial transfats, MSG, GM products and ingredients, irradiated ingredients and mechanically-recovered meat.

We're also taking the necessary steps to ensure social, ethical and environmental practices within our own operations and supply chain are responsible, from the way we source our coffee beans, to the timber we use in our hotels and restaurants. We want to work with suppliers who share our values and can meet the quality of products that we require. We’ve worked closely with our suppliers, appropriate NGOs, and sustainable practice experts to establish a responsible sourcing strategy, which has been implemented throughout our supply chain.

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