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Our Strategy

Risk Management

Principal Risks and Uncertainties

Understanding and responding to risks in our operations means we can make informed decisions that enhance our capacity to build value.

Risk Management

Risk arises from the operations of, and strategic decisions taken by, every business. It is not something that can be avoided but should be harnessed in pursuit of business objectives.

The Board has ultimate responsibility for risk management throughout the Group and determines the nature and extent of the risks Whitbread is willing to take to achieve its objectives to determine its risk appetitie.  Risk is managed proactively by the business unit executive committees and the Executive Committee.  Certain responsibilities, such as overseeing the systems of risk management and internal control, have been delegated to the Audit Committee, which completes an annual review of the effectiveness of these processes.

Both the Hotels & Restaurants and the Costa businesses complete an annual review of the risks to the achievement of their strategic goals, whilst also taking into account the key operational risks, which are updated quaterly.  A top-down risk assessment is also completed to capture the Board's views on the principal risks facing Whitbread, considering risk appetite.  Actions required to manage these risks are monitored and reviewed on a regular basis.