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Our Strategy


Key Performance Indicators

Our key performance indicators are based on the strategy framework of the company – Winning Teams, Customer Heartbeat, Profitable Growth and Good Together.


Behind each of these headings are clear and measurable targets, which make up our WINcard: a balanced scorecard that tracks our progress towards achieving our annual targets. It is used throughout the company to measure our performance in each of the key strategic areas.


The WINcard mirrors our Whitbread Way model and is used in every single one of our sites. Each manager is measured and incentivized on their site’s performance across the WINcard.


In general, a green WINcard score is achieved where performance is better than both target and the prior year performance. An amber score is for performance better than the prior year but below target and a red score is for a result worse than the prior year. Targets are set for each measure at the start of the year.