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Kefiyalew Mekuria from Costa Foundation report


My name is KEFIYALEW MEKURIA. I was born in Borena Zone Bule Hora District at Kilenso Rasa in 1994. Both my parents are farmers. Having 15 children and earning less income is not an easy task for them to deal with. They face so many difficulties to provide our basic needs. I am the 15th one, those 14 children i.e.my elders are not educated because there were and still are so many things waiting for my parents to be covered other than education.

As being a child of this family, I had lots of duty that I had to take, many responsibilities for me to deal with, so much work pressure in my day-to-day activity.

All I thought about was school

What all I thought about was school and nothing else.  All I wish for was to enter school and start learning. I always get inspired when I think about education.

My childhood wish didn’t blow up on my face, it came true. My parents allowed me to go to school and I joined primary school. Being a student makes me feel great and special but there was one thing that always bug me and started raising questions inside me, by saying "What will happen after finishing your 2nd cycle school, there is no high school near to Kilenso Rasa?"

It took my breath away to see construction of the school

Luckily as I covered my 2n cycle school, Costa Foundation started constructing a high school in Kilenso Rasa. I have no word to express how I felt when I saw the construction of that school. It took my breath away and I blessed them. I felt happy and that feeling is still with me.

I joined that school with an open mind and thanks to CF, I started thinking about helping others, I want to help others. I will do whatever I can to do the right thing for people. Even I commenced offering free service for the community through my active participation in the area of gender, health and environment issues. In doing so I learnt that one of the major bottlenecks is lack of infrastructures in rural areas. That’s why I decided to become an Engineer with a great ambition. Without that school I am sure that I would have been ended up as a Farmer or Trader like my parents and my elders.

My favourite lessons were Mathematics and Physics. I took a national examination for grade 10 and scored a good result and then I joined a preparatory school in 2012. Now I am studying Natural Science and I will join university in 2014.  I selected Natural Science to fulfill my desire.

I am happy that CF supported our government and community to improve the quality of education in rural communities. I’m really thankful for the staff of Costa Foundation and all others who play a great role to the construction of the high school. Not only for the construction but also for the provision of all required educational materials for us.

Use your chance to learn

At last I want to say that education is the best thing that happened in my life. So I want to pass a message to all by saying ‘You have to use your chance to learn, no matter how old, weak, rich, poor, etc. We all can learn, spend your time on education. The more educated person we are, the less poor we will be. Look at education as a life because it determines your life’.

Thank you