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Paige Flynn's Apprenticeship Journey

Where Paige's Journey began

When Paige was at school, she had no idea about what career she wanted to pursue or what job would suit her interests and skills. She saw various options to choose, but didn’t really have any interest in these and felt that she never really had the guidance and advice to enable her to make the right choice.

Paige enrolled at Sixth Form but had to leave education due to personal reasons. When she was ready to start looking for a career, she had no idea where to start.

She noticed that a job fair was taking place in Leeds and decided to attend, which is where she met the team at Premier Inn. Instantly loving the sense of family, Paige chose to begin her professional career in hospitality, joining the Premier Inn team at Leeds Arena. 

It wasn’t long before Paige decided to take on the Level 3 Apprenticeship in Hospitality Supervision and Leadership, which she found challenging, but very beneficial to her career in hospitality, and her progress at Premier Inn.

She felt that she had really thrown herself into the deep end, not really knowing what to expect, but the support she received from the team was invaluable.

Paige commented:“My managers made sure that I was ready for the programme and my peers helped me get through the training and succeed in my role from day one.”


The Apprenticeship Journey

Within her Apprenticeship, Paige followed a structured approach with monthly workshops to support her learning and keep her on track. With on and off the job learning, developing and enhancing key skills, and working in a fast-paced business environment, Paige has developed her skill set greatly since joining the programme. 

The Apprenticeship scheme helped Paige develop her skills in coaching, leading shifts and the guest journey, managing difficult situations, customer service, leadership, capacity management, team motivation and sales.

Paige’s determination and development hasn't just been beneficial to her progress at Premier Inn, she also won the Premier Inn Apprentice of the Year award, which recognises the hard work and dedication of all apprentices taking part in the programme.

After completing her Apprenticeship and progressing through training, Paige now manages her own team and really enjoys supporting the team with their shifts, as her Managers supported her.

Paige’s aim for the future is to manage her own Premier Inn hotel, commenting:

“I’ve completed my Level 3 qualification and am now a fully trained Host at Premier Inn. In five years time, I want to be running my own hotel for Premier Inn and I'm certain that with the training I will continue to receive, this will be possible.”

As she really enjoyed her apprenticeship journey and understands the benefit this has brought to her professional and personal growth, she wants to become more involved in the process and support others. She has been attending events with the Premier Inn team to encourage others to follow the same route she did, and she also works closely with new apprentices to support them throughout their journey.


Starring in the Government's New Get In Go Far Campaign

From hundreds of apprentices across England, Paige was selected to feature as one of 13 stars of the new Get In Go Far campaign, where she will appear alongside apprentices from a wide range of companies within other sectors.

The campaign's purpose is to encourage more young people and their families, teachers and friends to recognise apprenticeships as a great route into a rewarding career with many different companies across the UK. The campaign supports the government’s wider commitment to create three million apprenticeships by 2020.

Paige said: “I found taking part in the government campaign great fun. It’s really inspiring to see that the government really want to push forward to make apprenticeships well known and to get more people into employment. It was a great achievement for me.” 

Skills Minister Nick Boles said:

“Leeds apprentice Paige and the other stars of the Get in Go Far campaign are sharing their success story so that young people can see how to fast track their career and still learn while they earn.

“Talented school leavers now have more opportunities to get on the career ladder and still learn while they earn. As Paige shows, an apprenticeship gives you the qualification, skills and experience you need to land their dream job. That is why we’re committed to three million apprenticeships by 2020.”