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About Us


Company Overview

Our core business has changed over the years, yet we remain true to Samuel Whitbread’s founding spirit to put our people first, focus on the customer, and recognise that progress comes from innovative thinking. This is reflected in our Vision and Values.

Our Vision

We will grow legendary brands by building a strong customer heartbeat and innovating to stay ahead.

Our winning teams make everyday experiences special for customers, so they come back time and again, driving profitable growth.

Our Values

Our values underpin everything we do at Whitbread, across all our brands:

  • Genuine - we really care about customers
  • Confident - we strive to be the best at what we do
  • Committed - we work hard for each other

Good Together is our initiative that helps us be a force for good in our communities.

A Clear Plan for Future Growth

We have ambitious growth plans, as evidenced by our 2020 growth milestones which are to achieve £2.5 billion Costa System Sales and 85,000 UK Premier Inn rooms.

Our strategy is encapsulated in our 3 Point Plan to;

1.       Grow & Innovate in our core UK businesses

2.       Focus on our strengths to grow internationally

3.       Build the capability and infrastructure to support long term growth

Key Facts

Whitbread key facts

Our brands are Costa, Premier Inn, hub by Premier Inn, Beefeater Grill, Brewers Fayre and Table Table.

Established in 1742, we’re the UK’s oldest and most respected hospitality company.

  • We’re all about people.
  • 50,000 team members.
  • Over 1,000 apprenticeships
  • 27 million customers a month in the UK.
  • Costa is in over 31 countries.
  • Costa serves 1 million cups of coffee a day in the UK.
  • Costa voted the Nation’s Favourite Coffee Shop.
  • Which! Travel brand of the Year for Premier Inn.

Code Of Conduct

Foreword from Alison Brittain

Our reputation is fundamental to our long term success. It gives our customers, our people, our partners and suppliers, our investors, and the communities that we serve, the trust to do business with us. Trust is hard to win, but easy to lose.

Our Code of Conduct gives us a clear framework to help us make the right decisions. It spells out the standards we set for ourselves and explains how we can achieve them.

Whitbread is one of the UK’s oldest and most successful businesses, with a reputation for being a great place to work and a force for good in the communities where we operate. Everyone that works here has a part to play in upholding and protecting this reputation.

Alison Brittain

Chief Executive

Click here to read Code of Conduct 2016

About Us

About Us